City of Lost Souls - Teaser

Vor kurzem twitterte Cassandra Clare 4 Mini Teaser aus City of Lost Souls, und konnte somit viele erfreuen ;-) Aber Achtung : Spoiler Gefahr !

I don’t do false reassurances,” Izzy said, and pushed the tequila bottle away from her. Her eyes, on Jordan, were lively and dark. “Come here, werewolf boy.”
“You have a dark heart in you, Valentine’s daughter,” he said. “You just won’t admit it. And if you want Jace, you had better accept it. Because he belongs to me now.”
“I need Jace,” said Sebastian. “But in his heart, he’s not like me. But you are.”
“You’re a Lightwood,” she said. “Your family never gives up. I knew you wouldn’t let what I said to you that night well enough alone.”

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